Addiction treatment is a gift you give yourself that allows you to live the life you are meant to live. Not the one enveloped in the negativity and destruction of drug or alcohol addiction. Yet, the life that is full of hope, positivity, and self-actualization. But in order to live your best life, free of addiction, you need to make a commitment to your recovery. Likewise, that starts with the hard work of treatment.


Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment for addiction is not for the faint of heart. Rather, it’s a full time job for 30-90 days. Successful treatment includes:

– 24 hours a day of structure and support

– An invitation to others to help you challenge and reframe cognitive distortions 

– A partnership with a medical team specializing in psychiatry and addiction 

– Behavioral therapies that will reset and reshape bad habits into healthful thinking

– An invitation to others to help you when the willingness to keep going wanes

– A discharge plan that mitigates risk


Discharge Planning

To maintain your sobriety, the commitment your make after treatment is just as crucial as the time spent in treatment. Also, discharge planning requires a thorough look at how you will continue treatment after you leave rehab. Therefore, things you need in your discharge plan include:

Vivitrol: an anti-craving medication used to prevent relapse

– A budget: to prevent financial insecurity and overspending

– A support system: a safety net of friends, family, 12-step programs and health professionals

– A daily living plan: sober days that include structured time, activities, school, meetings, volunteer, exercise, work, journaling, medical, etc.

– A safe place to live: a home that is free from triggers and old habits

– A Motivation Plan: to maintain sobriety and prevent complacency and relapse


Living free of drug and alcohol addiction is a beautiful thing. Although it may seem an impossible feat for some addicts, with an unwavering commitment and professional treatment you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Because of that, we know you can do it and we are here to help you get there. Call us today and let’s fight this fight together. You’re life is worth it!


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