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What Do I Need for Admission

An admission referral for inpatient care at D’Amore Healthcare can be made by you, a family member, your physician, a case manager or social worker.
To initiate a referral, contact our Admissions Department at 714.375.1110 or complete form for admission and care. Because Admission to an inpatient rehab program requires the potential patient to meet certain qualification requirements. Also, D’Amore Healthcare requires patient’s previous medical history, current medical condition and the need for and the ability to participate in our individualized intensive therapy program, determine whether a patient can be accepted.

Want to know more about our Referral Process? A D’Amore Healthcare professional will carefully review your records and determine admission based on the medical history and needs, the ability to participate in our intensive therapy, and the individual rehabilitation goals. Its also good to know that D’Amore Healthcare works with many insurance carriers and our admission coordinators will work with your provider to determine your benefit coverage and obtain authorization. This might be especially relevant, D’Amore Healthcare does not accept Medicaid or Medi-Cal. D’Amore Healthcare admits patients 7 days a week. The patient will receive the next appropriate bed.

Also, please bring items that will help you get comfortable and consider arriving with these important items:

  • 5 changes of clothes only including undergarments
  • athletic shoes
  • flip flops and other comfortable casual shoes
  • personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hair dryer, and comb or brush
  • all current prescriptions
  • drivers license and passport or personal identification card
  • insurance card

In addition, please do not bring the the following items:

  • perfume
  • cologne
  • mouthwash
  • rubbing alcohol
  • hand sanitizer
  • drug paraphernalia
  • any mood or mind altering substances
  • also, no clothing that endorses criminal behavior or use of licit or illicit substances

We will provide the following items:

  • bedding, linens, towels

Once you or a loved one is admitted, a D’Amore specialist will assist you with an address to send all mail and packages to.


Contact D’Amore Healthcare

Call D’Amore Today 714-375-1110Call D’Amore Today 714-375-1110