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At D’Amore Healthcare, we place great emphasis on aftercare planning and alumni support. The goal of treatment is to create within you the skills and ability to remain clean and sober at home. Our commitment is to help you maintain your recovery—without relapse and the D’Amore Aftercare and Alumni Program are designed for you to maintain relationships with individuals post-discharge. We are here for you and will go to any length to assist you.

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Elbert Hubbard says, “The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.” We couldn’t agree more! Preparing for a successful discharge is what happens everyday at D’Amore Healthcare. Engaging in group, psychiatry and activities is time to practice using each new tool in your arsenal. As time goes by, engagement leads to readiness for more responsibility with less external reminders or prompting.

For this reason, we begin planning for your success from the moment our first conversation begins. Admission is just as important as discharge. In our playbook, success is short term and long term, it’s not one or the other. In other words, if you use every resource while you are at D’Amore Healthcare, you are far more likely to succeed because you have the muscle memory of your values, coping and courage accrued over the last 30-45 days.

Additionally, before you leave, you will have a few options to remain connected to our aftercare community. Many patients and their family feel a sense of relief when they learn about our alumni events, weekly mental health support group and social media connections.

The discharge plan conveys important resources, timely information about medication and important details such as your ABC Plan (the go-to for stress relief and grounded decision making).


Going home can be an anxiety-filled moment. We will prepare you fully for this experience —the most important thing a patient can do after they leave the care of D’Amore is to follow their discharge plan. The discharge plan conveys important resources, timely information about medication and important details such as your ABC Plan (the go-to for stress relief and grounded decision making). There is no time like the present to make way for your goals! Part of aftercare planning and feeling supported by the Alumni community is by BEING YOU. Offer the world no substitution for our amazing opportunity to get to know the ONLY YOU! Like-minded social support is proven to lead to impulse control and increasing self-respect.


At D’Amore Healthcare, patients experience a life-long change in their behavior that creates a unique bond with the team and their peers. Our Alumni Program provides an outlet for alumni to continue the friendships that were forged at D’Amore and continue to provide support to one another in daily life.

As part of our ongoing relationship, all graduates from our program or any family member who attended the family-day are welcome to join D’amore’s Alumni Program!

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