If you’ve been wondering how alcohol affects the brain or even the body, it does.

Alcohol affects you both mentally and physically. The amount of alcohol you consume will determine how much change occurs. While small amounts of alcohol are usually not a cause for concern, large amounts can affect your mental and physical well-being significantly.

Alcohol is absorbed throughout your body

Even with your first drink (whether it is wine, beer, or liquor) that alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream. It then navigates its way throughout the body. So the more you drink, the more concentrated the alcohol is in the blood stream. Experts say that one drink of alcohol stays in the body about two hours. Of course there are variables on how much you weigh, your gender, and your tolerance.

Once consumed, the alcohol is absorbed mostly by your stomach and small intestine, although a small part exits through urine and your breath. If you eat fatty foods, the absorption of your alcohol slows down. This is why many people will tell you not to eat on an empty stomach. If you drink more than your body can absorb at the time, you will become drunk.

Chronic heavy drinking has long term effects

Over time, drinking can have a negative effect on the heart, brain, and liver. Your liver is the organ that breaks down the alcohol, so those that drink alcohol for years and years may end up with liver diseases like cirrhosis of the liver and alcoholic hepatitis. These are serious illnesses and can cause death.

Heavy drinking can also affect the brain. Soon after drinking, it can cause things like slurred speech, confusion, or impulsive behavior. The long-term effects of drinking alcohol include the shrinking of the frontal lobes of the brain, which may cause you to have trouble with your thought processing capacity.

Heavy drinking can affect the heart in a negative way. It can cause high blood pressure, which in turn can cause heart disease. Though some people say that one or two drinks per day can actually lower the chances of heart disease, the studies are not conclusive.

Depending on if you are a male or female, alcohol will affect you differently. Men tend to absorb alcohol faster than women, and women tend to be more sensitive to the effects. This is why women tend to get intoxicated faster than men. Long-term effects on the mental part of the body can be depression. Experts assert that drinking tends to cause the repression of negative emotions, which can cause sadness and depression.

Knowing how alcohol affects the body may deter you from drinking too much or may cause you to make a decision to cut down on your drinking. If you feel as if you need help cutting down or stopping all together, be sure to reach out for help, as there are various organizations and plenty of counselors who are more than willing to help you.

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