You’re about to change your life for the better!

You made the tough decision to go to inpatient rehab. Now, how can you prepare so that you can focus on your rehab without worrying about what’s happening at home? These tips will help you prepare for the much-needed pause from your everyday life. Getting help for your addiction takes resolve to eliminate distractions and get down to work with the inside job. Everything is a process. Not much in life is a one step victory.


Take Care of Your Finances

Whenever possible, put your bills on auto-pay during rehab. This is an easy step to avoid worrying about bill payment while you are recovering or detoxing. Call your phone, credit card, electric, car and mortgage companies to set up auto pay. Many companies have options online to apply. If money is an issue, call your creditors and request short-term leniency for extenuating circumstances. Ask them to defer payments while you are undergoing inpatient care. With your consent, your treatment provider will be happy to advocate for you once you admit. Often, a few simple letters help explain the medical process: an admission letter, a progress report and a successful discharge letter.


If you are unsure of how to do this or it feels overwhelming, ask a friend or family member for help. D’Amore Healthcare Admissions staff are also available for consultation and support as, little by little, you determine the path that is most effective, efficient, safe and in your best interests. Sit down with others to make these calls. Or, ask them to pay your bills for you out of your account while you are in rehab.


Coordinate Childcare

If you have children at home, arranging quality care for them is of critical importance while you are in rehab. Ask trusted friends or family for help. Also, communicate with them about what you are doing and why. Let them know the duration of your inpatient rehab treatment plan. Needing support to parent or to be a reliable, thriving family is normal. You are not alone. No one is born knowing how to problem solve life’s setbacks or pain. We learn – we grow – we give back – together. Let your loved ones know why their help is so important to your future.


Make Housing Arrangements

If you have a home you will return to, arrange for it to be taken care of in your absence. You want to have a clean, safe place to return after rehab. If you have roommates or family members living with you, let them know what is going on. Tell them how long you will be in rehab and make arrangements for paying rent or mortgage while you are gone. If you can’t, be honest with them. Maybe have someone with you when you share.

Sometimes, after rehab, returning to the same place you currently live is not a good idea. If your current living situation is unhealthy, share this with your Admissions Counselor.  Your D’Amore Healthcare Treatment Team, new friends, and family will have ideas of how to secure a safe place to stay when you complete this first step of recovery: inpatient rehab.


How to Pack for Rehab

When packing for rehab, keep it simple. Do not bring valuables; sentimental or expensive material items are not important now. You are the priority – inside will flow to outside in time. Focus on what you need to be comfortable and healthy. Bring comfortable clothing, toiletries, literature, a journal, fitness clothing, and items you may want for group outings (sunglasses, sunblock, etc.). On the other hand, there are certain items you should not bring to rehab. Additionally, find a list of what you do and do not need for rehab here.


If this feels overwhelming, know that there is help! D’Amore Healthcare can help you get your life back on track and we can help you prepare for it. Call our staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for guidance and support.


Again, remember that everything is a process. One step victories do not even happen in the storybooks and movies.


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