Let’s Talk About The Stigma of Mental Illness

The more we talk about it, the less of a stigma mental illness will be. Thanks to a rise in celebrities talking about their mental health, we’re getting closer to a world free of stigma. Athletes like NBA All-Star Kevin Love are helping people overcome stigma and recognize that “Everyone is Going Through Something”. Love says, “Mental health isn’t just an athlete thing… This is an everyone thing. Not talking about our inner lives robs us of really getting to know ourselves and robs us of the chance to reach out to others in need.”


Retired NFL player, Gerald McRath, recently told his personal story in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. He said stigma kept him quiet, “For almost three years, I held myself hostage…I hid my struggles from the world and from those closest to me…I had been taught to persevere. To never show weakness. To be proud.”


Celebrities Are Talking About the Stigma

The stigma continues to keep many from talking about their mental health, especially those in the spotlight. Inspired by Kevin Love’s story, Carson Daly, “Today” anchor and host of “The Voice,” admitted recently that he has severe panic attacks. For years, he thought his anxiety was anything but common. But talking about it has helped Daly, and he hopes it helps others overcome the stigma. “It’s something that I can’t change about myself, and in fact, it’s okay, I’ve learned to embrace it,” he said. “And hopefully, by just being honest and opening up, it will inspire others to do the same.”


UK’s Heads Togethercampaign is aimed at fighting the stigma of mental health. Along with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, the country is encouraging people to talk about mental health. Since its inception, over 5 million people have joined the conversation on social media. The hope is that talking about mental health will reduce stigma and lead to more people getting help.


Help Fight Stigma by Talking About Mental Health

It’s okay to talk about your mental health. In fact, it’s imperative to keep the conversation going to fight the stigma. The more we talk about it, the more we can eliminate stigma. If you or someone you love is the victim of mental health stigma, here are 9 ways you can fight it.


Finally, D’Amore Healthcare suggests that the appropriate treatment(s) move at a pace that’s comfortable for the individual. Our priority is your care and freedom from any combination of mental illness and addiction. 


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